Teresópolis (RJ), 20-24 June 2016
Description: This workshop is an introduction to the study of group actions on manifolds, especially addressed to students and young researchers. One of the main aspects of this subject is represented by the Zimmer program: big groups don't act on small manifolds. In the recent years, several results have been obtained in this direction, mixing techniques of algebraic, geometrical, probabilistic and dynamical nature.

The workshop will be organised in the model proposed by the France-Brazil network in mathematics (intensive workshops for young researchers), which intends to deal with specific though important subjects, with the aim of disseminating to Brazilian and French young researchers.

Practical information: The workshop will take place in Sítio Assunção, a monastery in Teresópolis, a small town which is about 100km far from the center of Rio de Janeiro, in the inland and 900m above the sea. There are several buses connecting Rio de Janeiro to Teresópolis daily.

Scientific committee:

  • Étienne Ghys (CNRS & ENS Lyon)
  • Victor Kleptsyn (CNRS & Université de Rennes)
  • Kathryn Mann (UC Berkeley)
  • Fabio Armando Tal (Universidade de São Paulo)
  • Andrés Navas (Universidad de Santiago de Chile)


  • Sébastien Alvarez (IMPA)
  • Alejandro Kocsard (UFF)
  • Andrés Koropecki (UFF)
  • Emmanuel Militon (Université de Nice)
  • Michele Triestino (UFF)

Preliminary Program
List of registered participants
Brazilian-French Network in Mathematics

Mini-course, by Aaron Brown:
Lecture notes: Entropy, smooth ergodic theory and rigidity of group actions, by Aaron Brown.
With appendices by Sébastien Alvarez, Dominique Malicet, Davi Obata, Mario Roldán, Bruno Santiago and Michele Triestino. Edited by Michele Triestino. Ensaios Matemáticos 33 (2019), Soc. Brasil. Mat. [Ensaios Matemáticos, [arXiv]].
Brown, Rodriguez-Hertz and Wang, Global smooth and topological rigidity of hyperbolic lattice actions
Outline of the mini-course
Topics for students and bibliography: we ask young participants to give talks on topics from the mini-course
List of references suggested by participants who gave talks:

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